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Hoover Testimonial

Shady Lawn Testimonial

Consult, Design, Build

“They are passionate about what they do, their workmanship was over the top…I have nothing but praise for Lifestyles and the team because I just thought they did an excellent job and, trust me, we wouldn’t have picked them if we didn’t feel that way!”

Debbie and George, Shady Lawn

Pomona  Testimonials


“…what impressed us as we moved into build was the attention to detail that Lifestyles puts into the build stage…I think they are very good problem solvers…I feel that’s where they stem from.  It’s that creative passion and energy and desire to do the best job possible.”

- Justine & Rick, Pomona


“The entire renderings blew me away because our home was totally transformed…I felt that we received full value for our CAD [design] investment…I think it was an absolute essential step…When you consider the significance of the investment we made in the home, to do that without seeing the renderings did not make sense to us.” - Justine & Rick, Pomona


“My make up is such that i have to feel very confident before i commit to somebody…we had the pleasure of seeing their work and visiting homes that they had on Tour…Lifestyles by Barons are very good at giving a vision and having a design structure…When they first came to us, we walked around and they gave us different ideas of what we could do different.” - Justine & Rick, Pomona

Whistling Springs Testimonials


“Being a very busy person who travels a lot, I was really looking for a company and a group that were committed to turnkey and managing a project from front to end…What they [Lifestyles] focus on is on how the space comes together, how all the elements come together…They created a space that significantly exceeded my expectations.” - Kevin; Whistling Springs


“It’s not just one design, it is one foundational design with different approaches to different aspects of the room or certain designs within the room. So it [the CAD] allows you to visualize what the end product is going to look and feel like which is really important before you make a large commitment and commit a large sum of money to enhance the value of your space’.” -Kevin; Whistling Springs


“Whether you decide to go forward with a small project or a big project then or later on, [the] consultation is really valuable because it gives you context around what homes in Oakville or Burlington are like and what is important to purchasers. What enhances value and what doesn’t enhance value.” -Kevin; Whistling Springs

Crofton  Testimonials


“I like that when I walk through the door I get a beautiful welcoming feeling. When you step in and see how ‘wow’ and massive it is. Even the paperboy would step in and say ‘wow this is a beautiful home!’.” - Betty & Wayne, Crofton


“We were really impressed at what they came forward with. Not only did they do the basement [design], but they actually did the backyard and the whole house! They took it [the design] to a second level. we were really impressed and really wanted to go through with it all!” -Betty & Wayne, Crofton Way


“We were really impressed right from the beginning. Just the professionalism and what they brought with them in terms of past homes they’ve done, and knowing that they’d stayed well connected to the [clients] that they had done in the past to us was a benefit – knowing that they had good relationships with [clients].” - Betty & Wayne, Crofton

Butterfly  Testimonials


“This is the first step towards the decision of starting a renovation. You might decide not to and this helps you decide. You might decide this IS the way you want to go, so this [CAD design book] is a crucial first step. Not only do you build a relationship [with the team] but it also helps you determine where you’re going next. To us spending that time and energy allowed us to start going down that road.” Heather & Jose, Butterfly Lane


“[We] really liked that the same individuals walking through the project would be the ones doing the consultation, so we could use the consultation to ask questions, provide some ideas, and then ask them about the creative process knowing that, that would be the same person to take us end to end.” Heather & Jose, Butterfly Lane

BUILD  Testimonials

“[Lifestyles] really wanted to address our concerns. They really made sure that we were happy with what they were doing and they would always give us a few options to make sure that we got to pick what we want.” Marie & Fabio, Timeless

“I just love the final look – the material, the design, the detail that was put into the bathrooms [ensuite and powder room]. It is a ‘wow.’ The ensuite is truly a ‘wow.’ It’s the cabinetry that stands out, and the stone work detail, and the skillful tradesmen that were in our home. Thank you.” Darlene & Don, Stonebridge

“Ward and I wanted to express our heartfelt appreciation for an outstanding job in bringing (y)our design-build vision to completion. Thank-you for addressing the concerns we had during the process. Your Team has worked tirelessly, with integrity and honesty and have earned our respect and friendship. We look forward to an ongoing partnership.” -Joyce & Ward, St. Clair

“We are thrilled with our new space. The team at Lifestyles took our unfinished basement and transformed it into a beautiful retreat and entertainment area. They promised a “wow” factor and they delivered that and more. From concept to completion, the office and site teams were very professional and always respectful of our time and space. Their attention to detail and their pride in their workmanship is evident in the final product. We love it!” Frances & Len, Buenna Vista

“I can’t believe the change in the home.  It’s not a large home and yet through their [Lifestyles] vision of combining rooms, the space is now well thought out, functional and beautiful.” Rick, Lisgar