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The Lifestyles Custom House Design Process

We’ll work with you every step of the way and take unnecessary decisions off your hands so you can focus on the important parts: designing your dream home and watching it come to life.

Our Methodological Process

Our experienced team of professionals and our seamless and stress-free process will take you from initial consultation to the final unveiling of your reimagined home.

Watch the video below and let our clients take you through their design/build journey.

01Schedule a Discovery Call
02Visit Our Experience Center
03In-Depth At Home Consultation
04Bring Your Design Build Project to Life
05Final Contract Meeting
06Let the Transformation Begin!

Other Custom Home Builder’s Process VS The Lifestyles by Baron’s Approach

Have a Question About Our Services?

Can’t see an answer to your question? Get in touch with our experienced team, and we’ll be happy to help.

Do you complete everything yourself or sub-contract out?
The Lifestyles team member managing and overseeing your project daily ensures that every task is completed professionally and with quality. Any specialty trades that are sub-contracted share in this expectation of quality and workmanship. We take great pride in delivering exceptional results and understand that the finished product is a reflection of our team’s efforts.
Can we get an estimate?
It is difficult to provide a correct estimate without knowing the full scope of a job or finishings. At Lifestyles, we can provide you with a “Ballpark” figure during our Consultation, and once all of the finishings and plans are finalized, we will provide you with clear details on the full project scope as well as the full price for your job. When you sign your Contract with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the quality of materials going into your home, the full scope of work being done and the overall price of the project. Any upgrades or changes are processed through the use of Change Orders. We understand that there are times when changes or additional work must be undertaken for the successful completion of a project, and we are committed to providing an efficient process for such circumstances.
What services can you offer?
Lifestyles by Barons offers turnkey design/build services. We also offer other services you can choose to add to your project, including home automation, interior design, and CAD 3D design services.
What costs are involved?
Lifestyles by Barons takes many factors into consideration when estimating the cost of renovations. Pricing will depend on the extent of your renovations, the state of your current home, what materials and finishes you’d like to include, and whether you choose to include other services like interior design, CAD designs, or home automation. Reach out to our team for an initial consultation, and we can discuss your needs and what price range you could be looking at. Our homes are uniquely designed with the highest quality materials sourced from our trusted vendors and partners. We never compromise on quality to cut costs, ensuring that your home retains its value and excellence for the long haul.
Do we need to move out of our house?
In order to complete a Lifestyles by Barons whole home redesign, you’ll need to leave your home until the process is complete. Other smaller renovations for individual rooms do not require you to leave your home.
When can we get started?
In order to successfully complete a project, we need to first discuss your needs and determine if Lifestyles is a good fit for your home transformation. From there, we can move through the next steps in the process right away. Visit our process page for more information on the steps involved.
How do we know what services and upgrades we can get?
The services we offer depend on your home and what is possible for the existing layout. We can provide full design-build services, CAD designs, interior design, and home automation services, among other specific services. Visit our service pages for information on specific features we can include in your home transformation, and reach out to our team to discuss what you’re looking for.
Do we need to pick out materials and furnishings?
When you work with Lifestyles, our experienced team members will help you coordinate finishes and materials from the preferred vendors and manufacturers that we work with in order to provide you with a beautiful, cohesive look throughout your living spaces. If required, our Interior Design Consultant is also available to help you with home furnishings and other interior design requirements.

Your Dream Home Begins With A Discovery Call

Reach out to discuss your project and how we can help transform your space.